• Jack Victor Suit & Dion Knit Tie - E.R. Fisher Menswear
  • Emmanuel Berg Dress Shirts with 4-Way stretch - E.R. Fisher Menswear
  • Marcoliani Socks - E.R. Fisher Menswear
  • Jack Victor Suit & Dion Knit Tie - E.R. Fisher
  • E.R. Fisher Menswear
  • Dion Pailsey Ties - E.R. Fisher Menswear
  • Stenstroms Shirt & Dion Tie - E.R. Fisher Menswear
  • Meyer Trousers FW22 - E.R. Fisher Menswear
  • Derek Rose Lounge & Sleepwear Collection Fall & Winter 2021 - E.R. Fisher Menswear
  • Stenstroms Two-Fold Cotton Dress Shirts and Accessories - E.R. Fisher Menswear
  • Quality Tailored Clothing, Dress Shirts and Accessories conveniently located in the heart of Westboro - E.R. Fisher Menswear

A Century of Style

Fashion decisions can be critical - working out how to present yourself and predicting how you will be received.

In today's landscape, it's all about dressing sharply with taste, versatility, and subtle distinction. We’re here to help you step up your style game with unique products and a personalized in-store experience, augmenting your wardrobe and your confidence.

Our family legacy is defined by an enduring passion for quality clothing and top-tier Canadian craftsmanship, and this remains our commitment to clients. We invite you to come in and see for yourself. Let our team guide you in putting together a professional and versatile wardrobe that truly reflects who you are.